Copings & Pillarcaps

Available in various colours and styles, traditional or contemporary. Our range of edgings, copings and pillarcaps are ideal for finishing off that patio, pathway or wall.

NB: All caps and copings are twice weathered unless otherwise stated.

Coping Stones

Gryphonn Coping Stone Cotswold


Gryphonn Coping Stone Limestone


Twice Weathered Size mm (nominal)
600 x 140 x 50/34 to suit 100mm wall
600 x 175 x 55/34 to suit 150mm wall
600 x 225 x 55/34 to suit 200mm wall
Once Weathered Size mm (nominal)
600 x 330 x 75/50 to suit 200mm wall
600 x 360 x 75/50 to suit 266mm wall

Corner Coping

Gryphonn Coping Stone Cornerstone

Available in Limestone & Cotswold

Size mm (nominal)
to suit 140mm coping only


Gryphonn Pillarcap Cotswold


Gryphonn Pillarcap Limestone


Size mm (nominal)
229 x 229 x 75/50
305 x 305 x 75/50
380 x 380 x 100/50
457 x 457 x 100/50
533 x 533 x 127/70
480 x 350 x 85/50
500 x 245 x 85/50

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