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Gryphonn Concrete Quarry Product Range

Quarry Product Range

Although initially established primarily to supply aggregates to the factories within the Gryphonn group, the quantity and range of the materials produced quickly exceeded our initial parameters and today Gryphonn Quarries now supplies hundreds of different customers from Civil Engineering Contractors and the Construction Industry through to DIY builders and Soil Improvers.

The Trefil Quarry Complex is a self contained site handling all relevant material processing, loading and dispatch. To ensure the quality and availability of a full range of products Gryphonn continues to invest in the latest Crushing and Mobile plant. Products produced range from Clean Dust and single size Aggregates to Large Blockstone and Sub-bases.

Gryphonn Concrete Trefil Quarry Arial

Product Details


Clean stone is produced in an extensive range of sizes, tailored to meet different applications from pipe bedding to a drainage stone.

Gryphonn Concrete Quarry Aggrigates 8mm


Gryphonn Concrete Quarry Aggrigates 10mm Dust

10mm Dust

Gryphonn Concrete Quarry Aggrigates 14-8mm


Gryphonn Concrete Quarry Aggrigates 20mm


Gryphonn Concrete Quarry Aggrigates 20-5mm



Available in 2mm of 4mm sizes, and stored immediately off the conveyor belt directly into its relevant shed. Thus ensuring a dry dust.

There is also a by-product to these, a coarse dust. This can be used for the construction of cornet plinths, the covering of cables and small pipes or as illustrated, laid on a resin to form a pathway.

Gryphonn Concrete Quarry Dust 2mm

2mm Dust

Gryphonn Concrete Quarry Dust 4mm

4mm Dust

Crusher Run

A general fill and capping material, specifically manufactured to various sizes.

Standard sizes include: 75mm, 100mm & 250mm.

Gryphonn Concrete Quarry 70-14 Crusher Run


Gryphonn Concrete Quarry 100mm Crusher Run

100mm Crusher Run


The natural strata at Trefil quarry results in the available of angular and parallel faced large blocks of stone. These are very suitable in creating various designs, structures or patterns when used as single or multiple pieces. It’s a popular choice for riverbank repair or strengthening, retaining walls, security measures or purely for use as decorative / ornamental masonry.

Gryphonn Concrete Quarry Blockstone



A mixture of 100mm to 250mm clean stone mainly used form the infill of gonion baskets.

Gryphonn Concrete Quarry Gabionstone


Granular Sub Base

This product conforms to the specification for GSB Type 1 and also carries a ‘Frost Heave’ certificate.

Recommended laying thickness is a minimum of 75mm. Primarily used to form a base upon which to establish tarmac and concrete structures, or to construct roadways, pathways and hardstandings.

Gryphonn Concrete Quarry Granular Sub Base

Gsb Sub 1

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