Yoredale Paving

Gryphonn Yordale Main Image
Yoredale creates the charm and impression of a well established paved area. The edges have the characteristics quarry tooled finish which adds further to their authentic appearance. Available in eight sizes which gives the option of laying in intricate formal patterns or in a completely random manner.

With three natural colours this only adds to their air of timelessness and solidity. This makes them ideal for older more mature properties, renovations of for that retro look on a new development.

Size ( mm – nominal) No. / Sq Metre
750 x 750 x 50 1.77
750 x 600 x 50 2.21
600 x 600 x 38 2.77
600 x 450 x 38 3.70
600 x 300 x 38 5.55
450 x 450 x 38 4.94
450 x 300 x 38 7.40
300 x 300 x 38 11.11

Click on the images below to enlarge.

Gryphonn Yordale Ashgrey


Gryphonn Yordale Moorland


Gryphonn Yordale Sandstone


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