Courtyard Cobble Paving

Gryphonn Courtyard Paving
A simple but effective method whereby the traditional cobble paved area is re-created using a standard size slab format.

Three variations – Straight cobble, Cobble radius and the Cobble tree planter, provide numerous opportunities to produce interesting patio features along with localised planting points within larger paved areas.

Size (mm – nominal) No. / Sq Metre
450 x 450 x 38 4.94

Click on the images below to enlarge.

Courtyard Cobble - Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown

Courtyard Cobble - Brick


Courtyard Cobble - Burnt Terracotta

Burnt Terracotta

Gryphonn Courtyard Cobble Straight


Gryphonn Courtyard Cobble Radius


Gryphonn Courtyard Cobble Treeplanter


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