Screenblocks Main Image
Screenblocks are the perfect way to provide an attractive partition, without the closed-in feeling of a solid wall. The choice of two patterns adds further interest and variety to your garden.

Ideal for patio screens, balconies, walls and decorative surrounds. Screenblocks are fair-faced on both sides and provide a foil for shrubs & flowers and a support for climbing plants and creepers.

Easy to erect on simple foundations, Screenblocks fit neatly and easily together and require no maintenance.

Size mm (nominal)
295 x 295 x 95

Type & Colour

Click on images below to enlarge.

Screenblock Petal Grey

Petal – Grey

Screenblock Petal Cotswold Buff

Petal – Cotswold

Screenblock Cubic Grey

Cubic – Grey

Screenblock Cubic Cotswold Buff

Cubic – Cotswold

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