Pavers – Concrete & Clay

Gryphonn Pavers Main Image
Pavers are widely recognised as a cost effective, durable and attractive surfacing material. They are extremely versatile and are used on projects as diverse as industrial loading areas, major roads, docksides, pedestrian precincts and driveways.

Size (mm – nominal) Tickness (mm – nominal)
Concrete Pavers 200 x 100 50 & 60 (80 & 100 to order only)
Clay Pavers 215 x 102.5 50 & 60 (80 & 100 to order only)

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Gryphonn Pavers Blocks Brindle

Red / Brick Brindle

Gryphonn Pavers Blocks Buff


Gryphonn Pavers Blocks Charcoal


Gryphonn Pavers Blocks Grey


Gryphonn Pavers Blocks Terracotta


Coleford Brick Pavers 2
Coleford Brick Pavers 7

Cobble Pavers

The ‘Cobble Paver’ a new addition to the Coleford Brick & Tile landscaping range. Utilizing the same clay and manufacturing techniques as our facing bricks the ‘Cobble Paver’ will provide the same unequalled durability and unsurpassed visual satisfaction.

The ‘Cobble Paver’ is produced in a standard size, however, bespoke sizes are available to order. The ‘Cobble Paver’ is available in all our distinctive colours, hand blending is also available to extend the colours even further.


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