Rostrum Paving

Gryphonn Rostrum Main Image
If you are looking for a product that gets away from the concept that paved areas should be straight sided, Rostrum is the answer.

Individual segments are available in five sizes and are ideal for creating winding pathways in your garden or can be used in conjunction with Rustic paving by incorporating the corner infill sets.

No. / ring Diameter Infill Kits
UNO 4 0.6m n/a
DUO 12 1.20m n/a
TRE 20 1.80m 3 piece
QUATTRO 20 2.56m n/a
CINQUE 20 3.45m 5 piece


Click on the images below to enlarge.

Gryphonn Rustic Autumn Brown


Gryphonn Rustic Burnished Terracotta


Gryphonn Rustic Charcoal


Gryphonn Rustic Cotswold

Cotswold Buff

Gryphonn Rustic Limestone


Gryphonn Rustic Terracotta


Gryphonn Rustic Weathered Cotswold


Rostrum Edging

Click on the image below to enlarge.

Gryphonn Rostrum Edging

Rostrum tile on edge segment (six piece set).

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